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The Call of Amber


2006 • 8 minutes • Large brass ensemble and percussion (0000 8532 1 pc)

For many of us in Canada, the first signs of the inevitable transition from summer to winter exhibit themselves through a crispness in the air and the changes in the colours of the leaves. It is hard to believe that a simple shift in the Earth's angle to the sun can have such a profound effect on us, as we huddle into our warm shelters and prepare for the quasi-hibernation of the months ahead. These external metamorphoses seem to emanate from the depths of the earth. Autumn is a time when we move physically from an exterior space to an interior space and this literal shift to the inside has echoes in the movements of our mental and emotional beings. My work features a large brass ensemble distributed throughout the concert hall and seeks to elicit, in a non-programmatic way, memories of these fall days.


The work was commissioned by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony through the assistance of the Waterloo Regional Arts Fund.

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