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Performed by the Blue Rider Ensemble
Catalog: CMCCD 18413

"Both heady and playful, profound and humorous."


Performed by The Canadian Chamber Ensemble, The Penderecki Quartet and Cynthia Hiebert, harpsichord. Catalogue: ART-028.

"Light and airy yet dark and desolate..... like a Goth summer frock." 


Performed by NUMUS. Catalog: ART-011

"His delight in the very stuff of music, the pleasure he finds, and wants us to share, in listening to sounds rubbing together, or stretching out, or bouncing off one another." 

'Timespace' for percussion quartet

Torq Percussion Quartet, "Modulations".
BeDoINT Records BR004

'Wiki Mozart' for oboe quartet

Gallery Players, "Canadian Oboe Quartets".

GPN09001, (Winter 2008)

Fleeting World CD.jpg
'This Fleeting World' for mezzo-soprano and two celli

NUMUS ensemble, “String Theory”.

ECCD-2074 (Winter 2006)

'Windhorse' for vibraphone and wind ensemble

North Carolina School of the Arts Wind Ensemble, "Shared Spaces".  

Equlibrium EQ68, 2004.

'Windhorse' for vibraphone and wind ensemble

Wellington Winds, "The Artist's Neighbourhood".

Chestnut Hall Music CHM2003, 2003

'Fragments of an Unknown Teaching' for piano
Barbara Pritchard, piano. "The View From Here".
CMC Centrediscs CMC-CD 6298, 1998. 
'Festina Lente' for three equal melody instruments

Lawrence Cherney, oboe. "Tongues of Angels".

CMC Centrediscs CMC-CD 4592, 1994.   

'When do they is not the same as why do they' for solo percussion

Beverley Johnston, percussion. "Alternate Currents".

CMC Centrediscs CMC-CD 4592, 1992.

'Lagtime' for solo marimba

Beverley Johnston, marimba. "Regarding Starlight".

MVCD 1055 (CBC 'Musica Viva' Series), 1993.

'Pneuma' for free bass accordion and real time computer music instrument

Joseph Petric, accordion. "Gems".  

Conaccord 409491-3, 1989.

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