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2013 • 21 minutes • Percussion quartet

Our experience of time is the stuff of music -- the fundamental material that music plays with in sound. Music works with time in very subtle and complex ways; "timespace" attempts to highlight just a few musical-time experiences. The first movement, entitled "Time Zones", consists of simple melodic material played in up to eight different tempi simultaneously, allowing the listener to choose what 'time zone' to listen/be in at any particular moment. The second movement, entitled "Spooky Action" is spatially conceived: a double canon circles the audience, spinning in two different directions, evoking a kind of 'dream' time in which past, present and future all collapse into one another. The final movement, entitled "Gravitas," is a light and humorous depiction of 'musical gravity,' in which anticipation bends and twists our sensation of time.


Commissioned by TorQ Percussion, this work is dedicated to the physicists carrying on the astonishing research being pursued at Waterloo's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. The first 

movement is adapted from a piece commissioned by Soundstreams Canada.

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