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Time Zones

2009 • 7 minutes • Two marimbas

“Time Zones” was written while I was living for a short time near Sydney Australia. Through continuous real time connections back home to Canada (via Skype) I became aware of multiple concurrent passages and experiences of time – while I was still experiencing morning in Australia those I were speaking to in the North America were getting ready for bed. Written in up to eight different parts with eight different tempi and/or downbeats, “Time Zones” gives each of the two player’s four mallets their own time zone. Performance of the work requires a drum-set player's sense of "independence" but where independent arms and legs are replaced by mallet independence, a feat not unlike trying to rub your tummy while tapping your head, but much more difficult.

Time Zones was commissioned by Soundstreams Canada. A four hand version of it was adapted for the percusion quartet piece 'timespace'.

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