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Endangered Worlds

1996 • 12 minutes • Wind sextet: flute/alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe/english horn/bassoon and horn.

1. War

2. Peace

3. Messenger

4. Jollity

5. Old Age

6. Magician

7. Mystic


This set of miniatures were written as a kind of lament for the loss our our musical 'classics' by their overuse and abuse through technology. Daily we are confronted with these 'masterpieces' in elevators, shopping malls, doctor's offices, behind bad television movies to the point where hearing them in the concert hall is often a strange experience - both inviting and repelling the listener. Although only about 50 years old, Gustav Holst's 1949 classic 'The Planets' is already standard repertoire for Muzak systems and so I place it on the endangered list. My work quotes, misquotes and alludes to Planet-like material throughout.


The work was commissioned by 5th Species through the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council.

Compositions —

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